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Hydrilla is a submerged aquatic plant.It respires by simple diffusion as stomata is absent in its leaves.

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Q: How does hydrilla respire in water?
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What eats hydrilla?

eats hydrilla ? Fresh water carp.

Why does water hydrilla decrease when the water lily increase?

because lilies float on top of water depriving hydrilla of light

Where does the hydrilla like to live?

in water.....

How does fishes respire in water?

Fish respire in water through gas exchange in their gills.

What is a hydrilla?

A Hydrilla is a non-native plant that is a aquatic plant that is in the ocean. An aquatic/exotic water plant.

Why does hydrilla produce bubbles?

the hydrilla produce bubbles when added baking soda because, the bubbles are the oxygen that the hydrilla produce, while it undergoes the process of phtosynthesis in the water.

How do hydrilla live inside water?

they live by breathing under water

What are the special characteristics of a hydrilla plant?

it is a water plant

What organelle is very abundant in hydrilla?

Hydrilla is a water plant that grows abundantly in fresh water. In its cells, there are a large number of chloroplasts which serve to perform photosynthesis.

What will happen if you kept the twigs of hydrilla in a beaker filled with water?

Hydrilla is an aquatic plant which means that it naturally grows in water. If one placed hydrilla twigs in a beaker of water, the twigs would begin to sprout roots and would eventually grow leaves if the environment was conducive to growth.

Does the hydrilla use oxygen that is dissolved in water for respiration?

no it doesnt

Do fish respire?

Yes, fish respire by taking in oxygen from the water and passing carbon dioxide to the water through their gills.

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