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Nerve cell is an elongated cell whereas cheek cell is not elongated.

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2011-06-05 12:58:33
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Q: How does nerve cell differ from that of a cheek cell?
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What is the thing that a cheek cell has and a nerve cell does not have?


How was the onion cell differ from cheek cell?

Onion cells contain a cell wall (as it's a plant cell) where as cheek cells do not.

How nerve cell different show description?

how nerve cell differ show description

What has a cell wall a nerve cell a leaf cell a cheek cell or a bone cell?

Leaf Cell, only plant cells have cell walls

What are the different types of animal cells?

These are only some A cheek cell A nerve cell A sperm cell I hope I have helped you

Which of these cells is likely to NOT continue to divide A Skin cell B nerve cell C epithelial cells lining the cheek or D all of these?

A nerve cell is likely to not continue to divide.

How do cheek cell differ from the cell of the onion cell?

Well a cheek cell is an animal cell and and onion cell is a plant cell. The plant cell has chloroplasts which convert sunlight into energy. It also has a large central vacuole for storing water and things. An animal cell has no cell wall.

Is a cheek cell an animal or a plant cell?

A cheek cell is an animal cell

What is a cheek cell?

A cheek cell is a cell found on your cheek that is used to help keep you alive in some ways.

What is the function organelle of cheek cell?

The function organelle of a cheek cell is the nucleus. The main function of a cheek cell is to reproduce.

Does the Nucleus have a cheek cell or leaf cell?

The cheek cell has a nucleus and so does a leaf cell.

How does the shape of a nerve cell differ from a skin cell white blood cell muccle cell and a red blood cell?

All cells are shaped according to how they function. Nerve cells carry information and are somewhat shaped like electric circuits.

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