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The average person has 8-12 pints of blood in his or her body. Losing 3 pints is a major loss but nonetheless survivable.

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Q: Is losing 3 pints of blood out of your body bad?
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Is losing 4 pints of blood out of your body bad?


Is losing 2 pints of blood out of your body bad?

Not really. Your body replaces blood cells and fluid fairly rapidly.

Is losing 4 pints of blood bad?


Is losing 6 pints of blood bad?

Yes, that is very bad.

Is losing 5 pints of blood bad?

as the average adult has only 10 pints in the body, loss of half would not be a good thing

Is losing ten pints of blood bad?

Yes, you 'll be close to dying.

Is it bad to have 8 pints of blood in your body?

it all dpends on how big you are.

Is it bad to bleed from your nose?

well if your losing blood in any situation its bad

Is it bad bad bad to lose 3 pints of blood?

in a way it could be bad to lose 3 pints of blood but it depends what condition you are in when you lose it. It also depends too like if you lose it at periods of times or all at the same time. I hope i helped you out !

If you have to get 4 pints of blood in your body is that bad?

If you had to have the equivalent of 4 pints transfused then something significant has happened to make you lose some of your blood. So the answer is yes. However, if you are referring to what risk you may be open to; the blood supply is extremely safe in the US and blood transfusion is extremely common procedure so any risk is minimal.

Is losing one liter of blood in surgery bad?

They usually replace the lost blood at the same time.

Is the blood lossing in periods is good blood or bad blood?

its the bad blood which uw loose which should be sent out of the body...if this blood remains in ur body it myt occur in deseases

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