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Organism that are best fitted for survival, can rapidly adapt to the changes in there environment.

before you search the meaning of ecology is the study of plants and animals and their interaction with one another and with their environment.

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Q: Organisms that are best fitted for survival?
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The survival and reproduction of organisms best adapted to their surroundings is called?

It is called survival of the fittest or Darwin's law.

How does natural selection determine the survival of groups of organisms?

Natural selection determines the survival of groups of organisms because the ones that are doing the best are the ones that live to reproduce. These tend to pass their characteristics on to their young, creating a group of similar organisms that have the traits needed for survival.

The survival and reproduction of the organisms best suited to live in their environment?

This is the general idea of the "Survival of the fittest" theory proposed by Charles Darwin

What term best describes the survival of organisms with traits best suited to their environment?

Charles Darwin described this as "survival of the fittest". It is the central mechanism by which evolution takes place.

What is it called when the best fit organisms survive and the weaker ones die off?

survival of the fittest

Why does biodiversity enable organisms to have a better chance of survival?

how does biodiversity in an ecosystem increases the chances of survival for organisms

Organisms depend on other organisms for what?

organisms depend on other organisms for survival and food

Idea that organisms that are best suited to their environment will survive and reproduce?

"survival of the fittest" thought of by Charles Darwin

Organisms with favorable variation reproduce more successfully than organisms with less favorable variations. this statement best describes the concept of?

Survival of the fittest.

Why do organisms need plants algae and bacteria for survival?

The organisms need plants, algae and bacteria for their nourishment. This ensures their survival.

What do organisms compete for in an ecosystem?


Why is it important for organisms to respond to stimuli?

for survival

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