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Mainly for body temperature regulation.

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Q: Purpose of sweat glands
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What is the purpose of eccrine sweat glands?

controls heat

Which glands are sudoriferous glands?

Well sudoriferous glands are sweat glands. They include the Eccrine sweat glands also known as the merocrine sweat glands, Apocrine sweat glands, Ceruminous glands and mammary glands.

What glands do mammals have that produce to cool them off when their bodies are hot?

Some mammals have sweat glands, but not all. Most furbearing animals, like dogs and cats, have no sweat glands; the fur would keep the sweat from evaporating and defeat the purpose of having them. Animals with no sweat glands cool off by panting.

What excrete excess salt and water?

The salt glands excrete excess salts and water from the body. The urinary tract is also used for this purpose through the kidney.

Where are sweat glands found on a dog?

The Glands are found on a dog's tounge. That is the purpose for a dog's tounge to lap in and out of its mouth

What is the purpose of the glands in the integumentary system?

This system contains mainly sweat glands which cool the body and oil glands which keep the skin supple.

What glands is sweat produced by?

Glands of sweat are produced by the sudoriferous glands.

Did dinosaurs have sweat glands?

Only mammals have sweat glands. Dinosaurs were reptiles, so they did not have sweat glands.

Do dogs have sweat glands?

Dogs have sweat glands in their tonges.

Which sweat glands in dogs are the most important?

In the sweat glands.

What ids the difference between sweat glands and oil glands?

Sweat glands releases sweat and oil glands release oil, other wise they are both glands

What is a proper name for sweat glands?

You mean sweat glands? If so then sudoriferous glands.

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