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Innate reflexes are reflexes that result from the connections of neurons during their development.

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Q: What are innate reflexes?
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What reflexes form between neurons during development?


What are some examples of innate behaviors for humans?

reflexes, if you touch something hot you immediately remove your hand

Compare and contrast instincts and reflexes in animals?

An instinct is a complex pattern of innate behavior.A reflex is an automatic response that does not involve a message from the brain

What does Reflexes 2 in medical terms mean?

"Reflexes 2" or "reflexes +2" indicates normal reflexes.

Name the Types of innate behavior?

Innate behavior are of two types 1. Orientation Orientation is the behavior that places organism to its most favorable place Orientation is further divided into 1. Kinesis The behavior in which organism do random movement for their survival 2. Taxes This is the behavioral movement in which organism respond to stimulus by automatically moving directly towrads or away from it. Second major type of innate behavior is 2. Reflexes 3. Instincts

What does innate means?

Innate means something that you are born with. An example of a sentence using innate is: He had an innate modesty and simplicity of character.

Is perception innate or learn?


Do they have innate or learned behaivor?


Are reflexes unconditional?

Reflexes can be either unconditional or conditional. Conditional, also referred to as 'Pavlovian', reflexes are those that we can develop. They are weak in humans, but can be observed more readily in other organisms. For more information on these, research Pavlov's dog. Unconditional reflexes are those which are innate - we're born with them. Neurologically speaking these typically do not have any nerves passing through the brain, unlike conditional reflexes in which neurons pass through higher cortical areas of the brain. An example of an unconditional reflex in humans is beginning to salivate when we smell something yummy. This is down to our olfactory tracts, which contain receptors which will stimulate a reflex resulting in secretion from the salivary glands.

What is reflexes 2 plus?

Normal reflexes

Name two somatic reflexes in which the higher brain centers participate?

superficial cord reflexes and pupillary responses.

Are tropisms innate or learned bahaviors?


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