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light compound microscope, phase microscope, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope

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2012-08-25 15:50:22
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Q: What are the 4 kinds of microscope?
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What are the two kinds of microscopes?

Light microscope Electron microscope

Enumerate the different kinds of microscope?

There are two main different kinds of microscopes. The first type is the transmission electron microscope and the second type is known as the scanning electron microscope.

What are the three kinds of microscopes?

compound microscope, dissection microscope, and the scanning electron microscope. hope this helps <33 (:

Two kinds of light microscope?

Phase Contrast Microscope- uses UV light Dark Field Microscope-

What are the various KINDS of a microscope?

Stereomicroscope, Compound Microscope, Phase-contrast microscope, electron microscope, Scanning-electron microscope, Transmission electron microscope, Confocal-scanning microscope. THESE ARE JUST SOME. :)

What are the two kinds of mirror in the microscope?

ambot lang

What are the Kinds of microscopes and their uses?

There there are many. Simple microscope, compound microscope, light microscope, scanning electron microscope, TEMicroscope, Dissection microscope, etc and most of them are used to see small cells that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Is a microscope needed to see all kinds of bacteria?

i have no idea - sorry.

What are the several types of microscope? microscope 2.stereo microscope 3.compound microscope 4.electron microscope 5.laboratory microscope

Why is it important for the slide to be prepared so that light passes through it?

If your microscope is a Transmission Microscope then light has to pass through the specimen (that is how the microscope works).Other kinds of microscopes may not require this.

What are the 3 kinds of objective in a compound microscope?

High, medium and low power objectives

Discuss the operational principle of the different kinds of microscope?

one of it is the compound microscope BY:Ricmar V. Fantilanan i like bio------ cause it helps me BY:Ricmar V. Fanilanan

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