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carotenoids-red orange or yellowpigments.

chlorophylls-greenish pigment.

phycobilins-water soluble pigments.

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Q: What are the different kinds of pigments in plants?
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Pigments found in leaves of plants?

There are so many different pigments in plants

Why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots?

why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots

What are the different pigments found in plants?


Why do algae have different photosynthetic pigments from plants?


Why do plants have multiple pigments?

Plants have multiple pigments because the sun has many different types of rays of energy. So to be more efficient and receive more energy to produce more photosynthesis, plants have multiple pigments.

Why do plants have different amounts of pigments?

because they provide their own food .

What are the different coloring pigments of plants?

One is chloroplast... the rest I forgot.

What are the different kinds of phytochemicals?

Examples are: fragrances, flavones, pigments, organic acids, anthocyanins.

What pigments are found in the leaves of plants?

Plants have several pigments in their leaves. It contains red, blue, orange, and yellow pigments. It reflects green pigments.

Do pigments affect plant growth?

Yes, pigments can affect plant growth since plants absorb energy from the sunlight at different rates depending on the pigments each plant has.

What different plants grow in different soils?

The different kinds of minerals will determine the plants that grow in the soil.

What are the different kinds of animals and plants in the Philippines?

There are a variety of different kinds of animals and plants in the Philippines. Some examples are the Labanos and the Snaggletooth Shark.

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