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if it hurts to breath it is likely a cracked rib. it could also be a pulled muscle. if hurting long see a doctor in your area.

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Q: What could the shooting pain under the left rib and my left side be?
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What causes a shooting pain in left neck gland?

Infection could cause a shooting pain in the left neck gland. This infection could have come from a dental procedure.

Pain under left armpit?

There are a great many reasons why you might have pain under your left armpit. You could have pulled a muscle which would cause pain under your left armpit.

What causes a heavy shooting dull pain in left arm from neck to elbow?

It could be a heart attack.

What could pain under left shoulder be?

something related to the heart

Could pain under your left breast be heart related?


What can cause sharp shooting pain like electrical shock under left arm and down left side?

It has got something to do with your nerves probably

What does it mean when you get a sharp shooting pain in your left arm?


What causes pain under right arm pit?

what causes shooting pain under right arm pit

Why do you get chest pain?

No eating the right food or on timeyou could get chest pains for many reasons it could be you have to go to the bathroom or it could be gas or if pain is also shooting down your left arm you culd be having a heartattack

Sharp shooting pain in the lower right back?

Sharp shooting pain in the lower right back could be from a couple different things. The pain could indicate kidney stones or back spasms.

Intermittent shooting pain left side back of head?

An intermittent shooting pain on the left side of the neck is likely a condition called neuralgia. This is caused when the nerve is signaled to fire for an unknown reason.

What causes pain under left shoulder blade?

what causes pain and burning under my left shoulder blade?

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