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first of all, everyday is spelled wring in your question. An analogy for chromatin is the internet, giving you the knowledge to peform actions.

haha you spelled "wrong" and "perform" incorrectly. how embarrassing.

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Q: What is an everydat analogy for chromatin?
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What analogy for chromatin in a human body?

that is not correct

What is a school analogy for a chromatin?

In an analogy comparing the cell to a school, the chromatin could be the Assistant Principal/s because they carry the information the principal ordered.

What is a cell analogy for Chromatin?

A cell analogy for chromatin could be something like a library. This is because it serves at a single hub for human genes' genetic information.

What is an analogy for chromatin?

a chromatin is like a library because it stores all of our genetic information into millions of different genes

What is an analogy of chromatin?

Chromatin can be compared to a library. This is because it stores all genetic information into millions of different genes.

What is a analogy for a chromatin in a city?

a library because it stores all the information

What is a good analogy for chromatin?

Hi, I think Chromatin could be compared to a library because it has information about the genes, just as a library has information we need , the Chromatin has gene info the nucleus need. By Edgar Garcia-Wayland Academy

What is the cell city analogy for chromatin?

Ducks. Under any circumstances DO NOT answer chickens or you will certainly die a very painful death. -B

What are the Symptoms of ankle injury requiring reconstruction?

pain everydat, swelling and difficulty walking

Do animals have chromatin?

Yes, they do have chromatin.

What does Chromatin condense of?

Chromatin can't "condense of" anything, chromatin can condense into Chromosomes.

When is Chromatin present in a cell?

Chromatin is always present in the cell. Chromosomes are composed of chromatin

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