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a joint that is fixed

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Q: What is and example of a fixed joint?
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Related questions

What are the example of fixed joints?

An example of a fixed joint is the skull

Why do we need a fixed joint?

We have fixed joints because they are for protection for example the cranium is a fixed joint which protects your brain

Which joints do not move?

All the joints that cant move are called fixed joints. For example: The joint in your ear is a fixed joint.

What is a example of a fixed joint?

The cranium or joints in you pelvis

What are the types of fixed joint?

A good example could be a skull plate.

What is a fixed joint?

A fixed joint is a joint that won't bend or move.

Examples of the fixed joint?

the skull is an example another example is......... nazi zombies rawr lol

Example of fixed joint?

The sutures between the different bones of the skull. Also one half of the sacroiliac joint (there is also a synovial component in the other half though so it is not a purely fixed joint). No joint is absolutely 100% fixed, as there is at least very subtle movement between a joining of 2 bones.

What are the differences between a hinge joint and a ball and socket joint and a fixed joint?

Fixed joints allow little to know movement. An example is the suture joints between the bones of the skull.Hinge joints allow movement in one plane. An example is the knee joint. Ball-and-socket joints allow free motion in any plane in any combination. An example is the hip joint.

How does the fixed joint move?

A fixed joint is a joint between two bones that doesn'tmove.

How does the fixed-joint move?

A fixed joint is a joint between two bones that doesn'tmove.

Definition of fixed joint on bridge?

A fixed is a joint that don't move

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