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A cracked rib is only partially broken; the rib is still mostly intact and able to do its job, and doesn't need (or have) any special treatment except not doing what cracked it in the first place. A broken rib is more dangerous, as there are two loose ends floating around that may pierce internal organs and do a lot more damage to you. It requires medical attention to ensure this does not happen, but there is not much more that can be done than keep an eye on it.

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Q: What is the difference between a cracked rib and a broken rib?
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What if one of your ribs is swollen and it hurts to breathe?

Then you could have a cracked or broken rib. You should seek medical attention.

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What are symptoms of a hamsters broken rib?

broken rib

How could a rib fracture affect the heart?

The ribcage encloses and protects the heart and lungs, therefore a broken, splintered or cracked rib could theoretically pierce either the heart or the lungs.

You think you crank your rib cage?

A cracked rib can be caused by a fall, excessive coughing, or just about anything. There is no real treatment for a cracked rib besides time.

What does a broken rib look like to the naked eye?

broken rib

What is the treatment for a cracked rib?

There really isn't a lot one can do for a cracked rib. The old-style therapy was to try and tape the chest wall. Other than forming a pretty ineffective armor over the rib, this seems to have no real effect at all. Cracked ribs hurt when you breathe, and take up to 5 weeks to heal -- sometimes more. Painkillers and icepacks are your salvation. Try hard not to irritate the wound. Note -- this is true of cracked ribs. Broken ribs are another matter altogether.

How do you determine a cracked rib?

You get a chest X-ray!

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Treatment for cracked rib?

Wait it out :-) There is really nothing to do. Rib wounds are healed with patience and rest.

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