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Water molecules are split by light energy during photosynthesis, forming oxygen and hydrogen as by-products. The hydrogen can then be used to fix carbon dioxide to form organic molecules.

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Q: What is the role of water in photosynthesis?
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Role of water in photosynthesis?

Role of water in photosynthesis?

What is the role of the stem in photosynthesis?

The role of the plants stem during photosynthesis is to bring the plant the needed water needed for photosynthesis. The water has a chemical reaction with the carbon dioxide and produces glucose and oxygen.

What role does xylem play in photosynthesis?

Xylem only transports water from the roots to the upper parts of the plant, it plays no direct role in photosynthesis

What is the role of hydrogen in photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is CO2 + Water --> Oxygen and Glucose.Hydrogen moves from the water molecules (H20) to the Glucose molecules (C6H12O6)

What is the role of rubp in photosynthesis?

what role does rubp in photosynthesis

What is the role of P680 in photosynthesis?

P680+ is responsible for the oxidation of water to O2.

What is the role of molecules such as NADPH in metabolic processes?

photosynthesis they split water

What is mitochondria role in photosynthesis?

it soaks up water - Laura Simpson.

What is the role of water during photosynthesis?

The role of water H20 is to donate H+ ions to the cell, which are subsequently used in pathways to generate energy in the form of ATP. This is why oxygen is released during photosynthesis.

What is the role of photosystem II?

The role of photosynthesis II is the generation of ATP along with splitting of the water molecules. The electron transfer, is another function of photosynthesis II.

What role do stems play in photosynthesis?

Stems play a vital role in photosynthesis. Stems move water and minerals to the leaves and transport food from the leaves to the roots.

What is the role of the roots of the plants durning photosynthesis?

The roots absorb water and minerals for photosynthesis and other metabolic activities.

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