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sperm and eggs

Actually the opposite. Somatic cells are diploid. Sperm and eggs are haploid.

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Q: What type of cells in human would be diploid?
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What type of cell has two sets of chromosomes?

Diploid cells have two complete sets of chromosomes. The body cells of animals are all diploid. Human diploid cells contain 46 chromosomes.

What type of cells in humans diploids?

diploid cells i think i might be wrong Somatic cells are diploid.

What type of cells use meiosis?

Diploid cells

What cell type is a diploid?

Diploid cells have two sets of chromosomes, and are body (somatic) cells.

What cell type is diploid?

For example, a human somatic cell is diploid.

Would skin cells have haploid number or diploid number of chromosomes?

Type your answer here... as far as i know all kind of cells except Gamete has diploid number of chromosomes.

What type of cell in the body is diploid?


What type of cell is 2n and is in all human cell except reproductive cells?

Somatic, or body, cells are all 2n or sometimes we say they are diploid.

What type of cells are made through the process of mitosis?

When mitosis occurs, diploid cells are made (daughter cells). Diploid cells contain 46 chromosomes.

Are cells diploid or haploid at the end of cell division?

Depending on type of cell division the cells are either haploid or diploid at the end of division. During mitosis a dividing diploid cell results into diploid daughter cells and during meiosis a diploid cell results into haploid daughter cells.

What type of cells are diploid and haploid?

Almost every cell in the body id diploid, the only cells that are haploid are the germ cells, ie sperm and ovum.

What type of cell division results in diploid cells?


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