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seeds dispersed by animals

eg. tigernail seeds ,etc.

tigernail seeds have hooks which help it to be dispersed by animals

so it cannot be dispersed by wind......

if it is wrong i am sorry.

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2012-09-26 10:32:54
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Q: Why can't all seeds be dispersed by the wind?
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What are all the ways that seeds can be dispersed?

Seeds can be dispersed by wind, water, insects, birds, mammals and by self splitting of fruits

What seeds is most likely to be dispersed by mammals?

Seeds of all cultivated plants are dispersed by mammals including human being. Seeds of edible fruits are also dispersed by wild animals, like monkeys and squirrels.

Do all plants reproduced by spores dispersed by wind?


How does the impatiens seeds get dispersed?

Ripe fruits of Impatiens when touched burst suddenly. The fruit valves roll inwards and the seeds ejected with great force and get dispersed in all directions.

What would happen to the plant if seeds were not dispersed?

all the plants' seeds would fall in one place . There would be no space for all of the seeds to germinate and grow . All of them will die in the end.

How do you think the wind can be useful in the pollination of the flower?

Wind makes the pollen seeds fly around spreading the seeds all over the ground.

What are seeds are dispersed in fruits?

Seeds are dispersed in fruits to help spread them across a large area. Apples, Oranges, and plums all use this ability reduce over population and provide the best change of success for future generations.

Which seeds are dispersed by the human?

Tomato seeds are the obvious example. A visit to a sewage purification works in Summer will show you young tomato plants growing all over.

Do all seeds germinate immediately after they are dispersed?

No, in fact some seeds lay dormant for many years and others are triggered by heat (only germinate after a forest fire).

Do all seeds germinate immediately after they dispersed?

No, in fact some seeds lay dormant for many years and others are triggered by heat (only germinate after a forest fire).

How are watermelon seeds dispersed?

As with all fruit seeds, watermelon uses animals to disperse seeds. When an animal eats a watermelon, the seeds generally pass through the digestive system unharmed. When the animal defecates, the seeds then come out (and embedded in the natural fertilizer).

What are seeds dispersed by?

Sheeps are one, they catch seeds, I forgot what they are called I remember, dandelions, as their (sheeps) fur scrape against the dandelions their seeds get hold onto it, until sometime it falls of and that's how it gets dispersed. That's all I know sheeps are a disperser as well as dogs although they do the same thing as sheeps (using their fur, as the seeds fall of by their selfs).

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