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copper does not rust

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Q: Why do boat builders use copper nails?
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What is a boat builder and shipwrights?

boat builders and shipwrights build boats and ships. they use around 14 tools to do it

How can you separate iron nails from copper tack?

You could use a magnet - if you have one!

Do slate roofs use nails?

Generally, stainless steel or copper nails are used to fasten slate shingles to the roof sheathing.

What do you use wood for?

It can be used for, woodcarvers, funiture making, boat builders, tilling floors and making houses.

What is the name of the method of separating steel nails and copper nails?

You would usually use a magnet, which is just called using a magnet.

What do you use pine wood for?

It can be used for, woodcarvers, funiture making, boat builders, tilling floors and making houses.

What did the builders use to make the Statue of Liberty?

the builders used copper to build the statue of liberty!! The statue is made of a sheathing of pure copper, hung on a framework of steel (originally puddled iron) with the exception of the flame of the torch, which is coated in gold leaf (originally made of copper and later altered to hold glass panes).

Why did the builders make the Statue of Liberty copper?

maybe they thought it would turn to green. or they didn't want to make their things so they used copper cause their is allot of copper in the united states cause we use it to make pennies but we don't use it that often.

Do builders ues angles?

do builders use angles

Will copper kill a pine tree?

Usually a pure copper and not a ( plated copper) will kill any tree, once you hammer it in the roots the tree will eventually get sick and die. But the nail have to be long enough to go in the roots, usually the best nails to use are the roof copper nails and you can find those online but the companies usually have a minumin order of 5 pounds

Do copper nails in a sweet gum tree cause it not to make gum balls?

Absolutely not. You must use rhodium nails. That's why non-bearing gum ball trees are so expensive.

What suitable material would you use for the core of an electromagnet?

Iron - use a bunch of iron nails, wrapped many times with insulated copper wire, if making your own electromagnet.

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