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protons 26 electrons 26 neutrons Iron will have 26 electrons 26 protons (they are = because the atom is neutral) and it will have 30 neutrons (because protons + neutrons= your atomic weight)

electrons have virtually no mass

If the iron atom had a +2 charge there would be two less electrons than protons. 26 protons 24 electrons 30 neutrons.

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Q: An atom of the element iron has an atomic number of 26 and an atomic weight of 56. If it is neutral how many protons neutrons and electrons does it have?
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How many electrons does an element have if it has 17 protons and 18 neutrons?

An element with 17 protons and 18 neutrons would have 17 electrons if it was neutral.

What is the importance of protons neutrons and electrons in an element?

protons are positive and determine the element neutrons make a element an isotope if there are more than usual electrons are negative and make a element neutral witht the protons

How many protons and neutrons and electrons are in the element k?

If by "k" you mean the element number "k", then it will have "k" protons, "k" electrons if it is neutral, and a variable number of neutrons.

Do Eletrically neutral element have equal numbers of electrons and neutrons?

Electrically neutral elements have equal numbers of electrons and protons. A stable element has equal numbers of protons and neutrons. Thus, the answer to the question ''Do Eletrically neutral element have equal numbers of electrons and neutrons?'' depends on the stability of the element i.e. if stable then yes and if unstable than might not.

What are the charging of protons electrons and neutrons?

Protons have a positive charge, electrons have a negative charge, and neutrons are neutral and have no charge.

What property's do protons and electrons have that neutrons don't?

Protons and electrons are charged particles and neutrons have no charge because they are neutral.

What element has 2 electrons (neutral atom )?

Helium has 2 protons, 2 neutrons, and 2 electrons.

How many protons electron and neutrons does an atom have when it is neutral?

When an element is in its neutral state the number of protons always equal number of electrons. For heavier elements like uranium, to get number of neutrons subtract number of protons from the atomic number. Equal protons and electrons = stable element.

What element has 16 protons 16 neutrons and 18 electrons?

SULFUR has 16 protons.But no neutral atom of an element can have MORE Electrons than Protons. This means that NO element can have 16 Protons and 18 Electrons.

Neutral atoms of the same element can differ in their number of?

Neutrons. If the differ in electrons they are not neutral and if they differ in protons then they are no longer the same element as the number of protons determines the name of the element.

What is an element that has 7 electrons and 7 neutrons?

For an element to be neutral, it must have the same number of protons as electrons. Thus, the element with 7 electrons is also the element with 7 protons, and is called nitrogen. The specific isotope of nitrogen with 7 neutrons is 14N.

If an element has 9 electrons and 10 neutrons what is the atomic number?

In neutral atoms (with the same number of protons and electrons), the number of protons and electrons equal the atomic number. If our atom has 9 electrons, is neutral, and therefore has 9 protons, it is element #9: Flourine, which has an atomic mass of 19: 9 protons plus 10 neutrons.

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