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We simply don't know enough about the source of energy to know. Were an absolute insulator (a material that lets absolutely no energy through), and shaped into a ball, then entropy could hypothetically be resisted. However, this would not REVERSE entropy, as no new energy could be brought in without opening the sphere and letting the contents escape.

What many people don't understand is that there is no actual true entropy. When energy leaves something, it doesn't cease to exist, but simply goes to a spot that we can't use it. The disorganization of all energy, the placing of each particle apart and out-of-reach, is what commonly thought of entropy actually is.

With the theory that the (our) universe is closed, and nothing escapes, the scattered energy could be floating around, occasionally meeting, and possibly bouncing off the borders of the universe. EVENTUALLY, which could be in an unimaginable amount of time (Literally unimaginable. You can conceive of the inconceivability, but not the actual number.), the particles of energy and whatnot could eventually meet again in sufficient numbers to be worth something, hopefully another Big Bang.

With the theory of an open universe, there are two different (relevant) possibilities. The first is that there are infinitely more BB's (Big Bangs) all over our plane of existence, that our BB was not the only one, and that the expanding matter of each can pass that of other BB's. Should this be the case, there is an infinite amount of energy in existence, and more of anything can EVENTUALLY be encountered again.

If, however, we are the only Big Bang, and there is no other source of anything, we're theoretically screwed. (Not to worry, though: It's actually more likely that there are more Big Bangs than that we're all alone.)

Of course, in any of these, there is the possibility that our Universe's (from our Big Bang) gravity will be enough to catch the far-flung galaxies and draw them back in for "The Big Crunch", when everything gets squished into one point again, and hopefully Banged again.

I believe that the last person to answer this question probably had some understanding of different universe theories, but didn't quite get what entropy was.


In general entropy is the decay of a system from order to chaos. It can be reversed, locally. However to do so requires work, and energy, which is obtained by taking a different ordered system and reducing it further towards chaos. So while I may reverse entropy in my room (it is cleaner) I've increased the entropy in my body, in excess of what I've cleaned up.

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Q: Can entropy be reversed
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