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The function of a water tank is to hold water

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Q: Function of a water tank
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What is the function of the launch lungs on a rocket?

a small camera on the water tank

What is the function of a solar geyser?

A solar geyser is a hot water tank warmed by the sun. Its function is to provide free hot water for the household. The tank can be on the roof, above the water-filled panels, or it can be on the ground with a small pump to bring hot water down from the roof.

What is the function of the expansion tank in a hot water heating system?

To allow for the expansion of heated thot water

Eva has filled a tank with water but has realized that there is a leak She knows that the amount of water left in the tank will be a function of the number of seconds since she filled it Eva names t?


What is the function of emulsifier in the commercial insecticide?

Most pesticides are water based, it just allows for an even distribution in the tank.

How does a fish filter function?

There are 4 types of fish filters: Inside tank attached to a corner, outside tank attached to corner, outside tank canister, and under the gravel. All work by drawing water from the tank into a container which holds a filter that collects and purges waste, dirt, and similar products before returning the cleaned water to the tank.

How much water pressure in your water tank?

Which water tank, well water, cold storage or hot water heater tank.

Why brown water drains from hot water heater?

Brown-tinted water appearing when the drain faucet on a water tank is opened is normal. The brownish water is created by dissolved mineral and metal sediment collecting at the bottom of the hot water tank. This sediment creation is a normal function of the hot water heater heating the water and is released when you open up (or drain) the tank. Draining the tank should be done on a periodic basis - I drain my hot water tank every 6 months. Draining lessens the mineral/sediment buildup and helps extend the life of your hot-water heater.

What is the function of an expansion tank and compression tank?

this is tha tank where the pressure expand and force to out side. T.J.

How do I use a booster pump?

A booster pump is installed in a water system to pump more water into the tank as it's used. Once installed, the pump will function automatically.

How does an aerator function in a septic tank?

their is no aerator

What is the function of fuel tank?

to store fuel

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