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by determining its gram formula mass

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Q: The mass of a mole of a substance is equal to?
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What is the mass in grams of a mole of a substance?

This is equal to the molar mass of this substance.

The mass a of a mole of a substance is equal to?

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What is the relationship between the atomic mass of an element and a mole of that element's atom?

One mole of a substance is equal to the atomic mass of a substance in grams. So, if the atomic mass of sodium is 23, then 1 mole of sodium is approximately 23 grams.

How are given molar mass and number of moles of a substance related to each other?

1 mole has an amount of substance equal to molar mass.

Chemistry what does a mole represent?

The mole is a unit of amount of substance in SI; a mole of a compound, ion, etc. is equal to relative molar mass in grams.

Definition of mole?

A gram mole is defined as the mass of a substance which is numerically equal to its molecular mass expressed in gram. It is also called molecular mass & denoted by M. The unit for gram-mole is gram per mole [g/mol].

What is the molar mass equal to?

The mass of ONE mole of a substance. The SI unit for this is usually in grams(g) or kilograms(kg).

The mass of one mole of substance called its?

molecular mass

The mass of one mole of a substance?

Molar Mass.!

What is the mass of one mole of a pure substance?

the mass of the element or pure substance

How many milligram is 9 millimoles?

The mole is a unit of measurement for the amount of substance or chemical amount. It is one of the base units in the International System of Units.By this definition, a mole of any pure substance has a mass in grams exactly equal to that substance's molecular or atomic mass; e.g., 1mol of calcium-40 is approximately equal to 40g, because the Ca-40 isotope has a mass of 39.9625906 amu on the C-12 scale. In other words, the numerical value of a substance's molecular or atomic mass in atomic mass units is the same as that of its molar mass--the mass of one mole of that substance--in grams.

Is mole and molar mass equal?

A mole is equal to 6.02 *10^23 units of a molecule. The molar mass is the mass of the object per mole of that molecule.

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