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a) "jump" from a lower energy level to a higher energy level. -=NOT THIS ONE=-

b) "jump" from a higher energy level to a lower energy level.

c) "jump" from a ground state to an excited state.

d) None of the Above

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Q: What causes the lines in the emission spectrum for elements?
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How does the number of lines in the emission spectrum for an element compare with the number of lines in the absorption spectrum?

There are the same number of lines in the emission spectrum as the absorption spectrum.

What causes each line on an emission spectrum?

The electron transitions from a high energy state to a lower energy state is the cause of lines apparition in an emission spectrum.

Where do the lines in an atomic line spectrum come from?

The atomic line spectrum comes from the emission of atoms of different elements that are in an excited state. Each element has its own unique atomic emission spectrum.

How can you Distinguish absorption spectrum from emission spectrum?

An absroption spectrum has dark lines where the energy is absorbed and the emmision spectrum has bright lines where the emission energy is.

How elements of stars are detected?

The emission spectrum of each element has characteristic lines for each element. Analyzing the spectrum of a star, you can figure out what elements are present, and also get an estimate on how much there is of each element. For more information, check the Wikipedia article on "emission spectrum".

What is the difference between an emission spectrum and absorption spectrum?

Emission spectrum: lines emitted from an atom.Absorption spectrum: absorbed wavelengths of a molecule.

What causes the lines in the spectrum for elements?

They have to connect atoms to cause a chemical reaction

What is the emission spectrum Apex?

It is a set of lines corresponding to a photon emission wavelengths

Differentiate absorption and emission spectrum?

Emission spectra are bright-line spectra, absorption spectra are dark-line spectra. That is: an emission spectrum is a series of bright lines on a dark background. An absorption spectrum is a series of dark lines on a normal spectrum (rainbow) background.

What is the difference between continuous spectrum and atomic emission spectrum?

In atomic emission spectra, only radiation of certain wavelengths is emitted. The emission spectra is composed of discrete emission lines. In the continuous spectrum, radiation of all wavelengths is present, and there are no discrete lines or bands present.

How does emission spectrum looks like?

It is a set of lines corresponding to photon emission wavelengths.

What does an emission spectrum look like?

it is a set of lines corresponding to photon emission wavelengths.

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