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the vertical columns in the Periodic Table are called groups.

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Q: What does the word group mean in the periodic table?
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What does the word group mean in science?

Groip normally refers to a column in the periodic table.

Which word or group of words is represented by the word period in the term periodic table?


What does ferrum mean on the periodic table?

Fe on the periodic table (element 26) is short for the Latin word for iron.

What is a sentence with the word periodic table?

the periodic table is stupid

Where does silver get its name on the periodic table?

If by "name on the periodic table" you mean its symbol, Ag is derived from the Latin word for silver, argentum.

What are groups of the periodic table?

this is an easy question. they are called the transition metals.its probably stupid but i r emember t by transition is a long word and this is the biggest group on the periodic table

What is the family location on the periodic table for the word sodium?

Sodium belongs to the Alkali Metals in group 1.

What is the word for columns inthe periodic table?

The word for columns in the periodic table is groups. They are also referred as families.

What is a 11 letter word made from the periodic table?

LuBrICaTiON is a 11 letter word that comes from the periodic table

What does the word periodic refer to?

like as in the periodic table of how it is listed.

What is the Latin word for silver on the periodic table?

The Latin word for silver is argentum which is why the symbol for silver on the periodic table is Ag

What does the word Aurum mean?

The Latin word aurum means gold which is why the symbol of gold on the periodic table is AU.

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