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The metal francium has a much lower melting point than platinum has.

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Q: What has a lower melting point francium or platinum?
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Why is francium melting point low?

The metallic bonds in francium are weak.

What element has a low melting point francium or plantinum?

Francium has a very low melting point - the estimated value is 27 0C.

Does platinum have a low melting point?

No, platinum has a high melting point. Its melting point is 1,772°C

What is franciums melting point?

An estimated value for the melting point of francium is 22 0C.

What is the melting point of platinum in Fahrenheit?

The melting point of platinum is 3214.9 Fahrenheit. Platinum's high melting point means many impurities can be burned away without melting the platinum.

Melting and boiling point of francium?

The following data are only estimates, calculated data, not measured values: Melting point of francium: 22-25 0C. Boiling point of francium: 660-665 0C.

What is the boiling point melting point and density for francium?

Estimated properties of francium - Melting point: 27 0C - Boiling point: 677 0C - Density: 1,87 g/cm3

Explain why there is this pattern in melting points for francium?

The melting point of francium is not measured, only supposed by comparison with the melting points of the other alkali metals.

What is the boiling and melting point of francium?

Estimated values are:- Melting point: 27 0C - Boiling point: 677 0C

Relationship between melting and boiling points and atomic radius of francium?

Supposed melting poin of francium: 22 0C Supposed boiling point of francium: 650 0C

What is the melting point of francium?

27 0C although it is not certain for there is no sufficient supply of francium to experiment with. This is just an estimate. Francium after all is the rarest element on earth. There is thought to be only a few grams of francium on earth.The melting point of francium is estimated (not determined) to be 22-27 0C.

What is platinum melting point?

The melting point of platinum is 2041.4 K, 1768.3 °C or 3214.9 °F

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