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Adsorption is the process of something being adsorbed - the adhesion of a liquid or gas on the surface of a solid material, forming a thin film on the surface.

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Adsorption is an absorption at the surface of materials.

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Q: What is adsorption?
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Does chemical adsorption have a high adsorption enthalpy?


What is reversible adsorption?

adsorption is processs of accumulation of liquid/gases on solid surface. reversible adsorption is seen in physical adsorption where increase in pressure increases the adsorption and decrease in pressure decrease adsorption of molecules to surface that is desorption takes place

Factors affecting the rate of adsorption?

They are as follows: 1)Temperature 2)Pressure 3) Surface of adsorbent 4) Nature of adsorption process (either chemi-adsorption of phsi-adsorption) that all these are the major factors affecting the rate of adsorption.

Does physical adsorption have a low adsorption enthalpy?

yes it does...even though physical adsorption is an exothermic reaction, its enthalpy of adsorption is pretty low aroun 20 to 40 kJ/mol

Is chemical reaction involved in adsorption process?

Adsorption is generally a physical change.

Why adsorption is always exothermic?

adsorption means that the molecules of one phase are present in higher concentration at the surface of the second phase.ex.inert gases on charcoalwhen the temperature is increasing the adsorption , we can say the adsorption is always exothermic.

What has the author Eduardo J Bottani written?

Eduardo J. Bottani has written: 'Adsorption by carbons' -- subject(s): Absorption and adsorption, Carbon, Kohlenstoffwerkstoff, Adsorption

How does adsorption work in reality?

Adsorption is a very similar word to absorption but they are not the same thing really. Adsorption can be used to rid methane smells and such where absorption is what a sponge does to water.

What has the author Lawrence T Drzal written?

Lawrence T. Drzal has written: 'Adsorbate-adsorbent interactions by gas adsorption' -- subject(s): Absortion and adsorption, Gases, Adsorption

What is the definition of adsorption?

Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules from a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid to a surface.

Why adsorption occur?

adsorption is when there are spaces in molecular structure of material. the adsorbed substance is held in these spaces like in sponge.

What is re-adsorption?

Re-adsorption is defined as the absorption of a substance that was previously removed. This process commonly occurs with water in the body.

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