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Osmium is the densest of the elements. The most dense pure metal is osmium, Os, with a density of 22.61 g/cm3 (that's about twice the density of lead).

Other very dense metals are:

iridium, Ir, 22.56 g/cm3

platinum, Pt, 21.4 g/cm3

rhenium, Re, 21.0 g/cm3

neptunium, Np, 20.4 g/cm3

plutonium, Pu, 19.8 g/cm3

gold, Au, 19.3 g/cm3

tungsten, W, 19.3 g/cm3

Mercury, Hg, 13.53 g/cm3

Lead, Pb, which is usually considered pretty dense, is only 11.4 g/cm3! In case this isn't enough, lead will float on liquid mercury, which has a density of 13.5 g/cm3.

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Q: What is the most dense element?
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