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Boiling point of ethanol is higher than its isomer methane due to the presence of hydrogen bond in ethanol

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Q: Why is boiling point of ethanol higher than its isomer methane?
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Isomer of ethyl alcohol?

methoxy methane is a functional group isomer of ethanol. CH3-O-CH3

What is the isomer of ethanol?

Ethanol has no structural isomer because of its short chain

Why is the boiling point of ethanol higher than its isomer metho-oxy methane?

Because ethanol is a polar molecule AND capable of hydrogen bonding (by C2H5-OH, an asymetric hydroxyl group) resulting in stronger intermolecular forces, it has a higher boiling point than methoxymethane.Methoxymethane is less polar (symetrical H3C-O-CH3, though slightly bent) AND does not have a hydroxyl group, thus no hydrogen bonds between molecules.

Is ethanol a structural isomer?

Yes. Ethanol is a structural isomer of dimethyl ether. CH3OCH3.

What C7H16 isomer has the highest boiling point?

Heptane - longer the chain, higher the boiling point. Least amount of branches, higher the boiling point.

Why trans isomer have high boiling point then cis isomer?

Actually, the cis isomer has a higher boiling point than the trans one because cis isomers are polar and therefore it requires of more heat to break the stronger intermolecular force

Is dimethyl ether a structural isomer?

Yes it is. It's structural isomer is ethanol C2H5OH

Do isomers boiling points increase or decrease with more branching?

Straight chain isomers have higher boiling points, so the more branched the isomer the lower the boiling point.

Which isomer of hexane has the lowest boiling point?


What is the structural isomer of C8H18 with the lowest boiling point?

In organic chemistry, alkanes such as C8H18 have structural isomers. The more these isomers are branched the lower the boiling point is. The reason for this, is that un-branched alkanes have a higher mass area, they are more likely to have more potential points of attachments for other atoms or molecules which would then raise intramolecular forces thus increasing boiling points. The structural isomer of C8H18 that has the boiling point is systematically known as 2,2,3,3-tetramethylbutane.

Would a cis or trans isomer have a higher boiling point?

Cis-isomers generally have higher boiling points. The Latin prefix cis- means "on the same side." This generally means the molecule will have a greater concentration of either a dipole or dispersion forces on one side of the molecule as opposed to another. This will mean the greater probability of that molecule either being polar or having a temporary dipole, which means greater attraction between those molecules. In a trans-isomer, which means "across from," you will have a certain atom across the molecule from the other, which means often, those potential dipoles or dispersion forces will "cancel each other out," meaning less probability for attraction between molecules.

How do you account for these facts N-butyl alcohol has a much higher boiling point than its isomer di-ethyl ether yet both compounds have the same solubility in water?

n-butyl alcohol has a higher boiling point than di-ethyl ether because there is more hydrogen bonding in n-butyl alcohol which results in a higher energy needed to break the intermolecular hydrogen bonds.

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