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Roads, buildings, canals, dams, railways, tunnels, flood and coastal defences

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plese state somthign elexs
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AKA buildings for apex ok
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C. Building structures: apex

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Q: A civil engineer mostly designs
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What type of engineer designs mostly buildings?


Which type of engineer designs mostly buildings?

Civil engineer

Which type of engineer designs mostly building?

civil engineers -apex

An engineer that designs buildings is a(n) .?

civil engineer

Which type of engineer design mostly building civil engineer chemical engineer aerospace engineer and mechanical engineer?

Civil Engineer designs building. Basically, they are dealing with designs, planning, constructions and maintenance of roads, dams, bridges, buildings and canals. Civil Engineers need to play several roles such as structural engineers, site engineer, environmental engineers etc.

What do you call a person who designs a bridge?

Civil Engineer

What type of engineer design mostly buildings?


Definition of civil engineering?

an engineer who designs and maintains roads, bridges, dams, and similar structures.

Which type of engineer design mostly building?

civil engineers -apex

What is plumbing engineer?

A plumbing engineer is the professional who designs the hot and cold water system in your home. The Plumbing Engineer is involved with systems that overlap into the mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering disciplines and supports the Civil Engineer for the plumbing systems outside the building.

How is the role of an architect different from that of a civil engineer?

An Architect has freedom to design different kinds of structures while a Civil Engineer has the responsibility of ensuring that the designs are safely brought to reality. As such Architecture allows the imagination of the professional to come forth in as many designs called structures whereas the Civil Engineer must make sure that what the Architect design will work according to the laws of physics and structures.

A person who designs machines?

An engineer designs machines. And an architect also designs the layout/aesthetics of the machine.

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