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Boolean is a data type that can have one of two possible values, either true or false. Boolean values are often used in programming to represent the outcome of a logical comparison or operation.

For example, in a program that checks whether a number is greater than 5, the result of the comparison "number > 5" would be a Boolean value of either true (if the number is greater than 5) or false (if the number is less than or equal to 5).

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Exampe of Boolean and usage in the real word




Equal to



Not equal to


Less than

Greater than


Greater than or equal to

is null

Value is null

is not null

Value is other than null


Value is an instance of pattern-matching string

not like

Value is not an instance of pattern-matching string

Condition is a Boolean value

("Petar" === "John") //This is false

("Petar" === "Petar") This is true


if (condition) {

   code to be executed if condition is true;

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A Boolean is a variable that can be assigned one of two values.

* True or

* False It is called Boolean after George Bool who founded the use of Boolean logic in the field of computer science.

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Q: Define and give an example of Boolean?
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What is a Boolean condition?

A boolean is a value which can either be true or false. A boolean condition is mathematical equation where the result is a boolean (either true or false). Often used in programming.A boolean condition consists of some varibles, and boolean operations that can be carried out using them. Here are some boolean operations. The sybols are those used in Java and C++.> Greater Than. Returns true when the number before > is greater than the number after< Less Than. The opposite of Greater than== Equals. If the values are equal returns trueOR Returns true if the boolean before and/or the boolean after is true&& AND Returns true only if the boolean before AND after the && are true! NOT Inverts/NOT's a boolean. True becomes false. False becomes trueMost programming languages have booleans as a type of variable and if statements as control flow.An if statement uses a boolean to decide whether or not something is run eg.if(someBoolean){// If some boolean is true this peice of code will be run}A an example of a boolean condition could use a less than or greater than symbolif( someNumber > 9000 ) {print( "The number... it's.... OVER 9000!!" );}

What is boolean based language?

Boolean is just true or false.

What are some Boolean Operators examples?

Boolean operators include : AND OR NAND (Not AND) NOR (Not OR)

What is the Boolean operator that is appropriate to use?

Boolean is a type, not an operator and can have the value of either TRUE or FALSE

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