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how a armature affects the performance of a d.c machine

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Q: How armature reaction affects performance of DC motor?
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What is demagnetization in armature reaction?

demagnisation reaction in dc motor /

Why armature reaction is not take place in induction motor?

The armature reaction occurs based on direction of flowing current, so armature reaction not affect induction generator

What are the effect of armature reaction in DC machine and how the armature reaction is minimise?

Armature reaction is the interaction between the magnetic flux produced by armature current and that of the main magnetic field in an electric motor or generator.

What the advantage of armature reaction in electrical engineering?

to speed up the motor.

What is armature reaction in dc machines?

The armature reaction is the interaction between armature flux and field flux when current is introduced to a dc motor. It results in a cross-magnetizing effect and a demagnetizing effect.

Why the induction motor does not have armature reaction?

Because the armature (or rotor) has no external connection. The currents that produce torque from the rotor are induced by the magnetic field in the machine, so there is no commutator, no brushes and no armature reaction.

What is armature reaction in dc motor?

Armature reaction is effect of armature flux on main field flux. Basically there are two windings in a dc motor - Armature winding (on stator) and field winding (on rotor). When we excite the field winding, it produces a flux which links with the armature. This causes an emf and hence a current in the armature. This current in armature produces another flux which lags the main flux. This is referred to as armature reaction. It has two effects on the machine: 1. Demagnetising effect: It reduces the strength of the main flux. 2. Crossmagnetising effect: Its effect is that it bends/distortes the the main flux line along the conductor

What is the function of armature winding of a motor?

it makes the armature into a magnet that makes the motor turn

What is armature current?

Armature current is the current flowing in a motor's armature. The "armature" is another name for the coil (or coils) of wire which are on the motor's "rotor", which is the part that rotates inside its stator. (The "stator" is the fixed, non-rotating part of the motor.)

What is the electomagnet in a motor called?


What will happen when armature winding of a dc shunt motor is disconnected?

In D.C Shunt motor, the field winding is connected parallel with the armature winding.. If you remove the supply to armature winding, the motor will stop after some time.

Would the motor turn if only the armature were excited?

A motor will turn when only the armature is excited, if there is enough residual magnetism in the field.

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