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To operate the Samsung my shot's speaker phone you must first be connected on a call.

Call connected? Good. Now look at the key that is located at the top right corner, sometimes called the right "soft" key in the manual.

When you are connected and in a call, "Options" is the label above this key. Again it is the uppermost right key. Press that. You get a pop up menu, note that the choice #7 is "Speaker phone". Scroll down and click on "speakerphone".

Then you get a request for confirmation which is affirmed by pressing the upper left key the "left soft key" in the manual's parlance. It says "Acitvate speakerphone?" and the top left key is marked "Yes".


call someone. after call is connected:

press "options" key which is the top right key

scroll down to choice 7 which is the speakerphone one.

click on that.

phone asks you for confirmation.

confirm by pressing the top LEFT key this time, which is labeled "Yes"

Speakerphone comes on!

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Q: How do you operate speaker phone on Samsung my shot cellphone?
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