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Press the ST./STOP button and the LAP/RESET button at the same time and it will turn the alarm on your watch on or off

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Q: How do you turn the alarm off body gear watch?
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How do you shut the alarm off of body gear wr50m watch?

To turn off the alarm. Press the Start/Stop and Lap/Reset buttons at the same time (on my Body Gear watch, these two buttons are one the right-hand side of the watch). You will hear a beep and the alarm icon will no longer be displayed.

Athletic Works watch?

How Do I Turn off Alarm on Athletic Works Watch ATHM4885

How do you turn off the alarm for an aw60443w watch?

To turn off the alarm you hold down 'Reset' and press 'Start' Hope this helps!

How do you turn the alarm off on a Seiko A904?

Turn off the alarm by pressing the upper and lower buttons on the right side of the watch while it is in time mode.

How do you turn off alarm on American eagle watch?

use a sludge hammer

How do you turn the alarm off when it starts ringing on a acqua indiglo 30m watch?

To turn the alarm off once it has started ringing you can push the left button on the bottom of the watch. If you are trying to set the alarm so it does not ring at all, I cannot help - I need that infomration.

How do you turn off alarm on watch?

one of the buttons on the side or face of the watch will turn it off, it varies by brand, see your owner manual for specifics

How do you turn off the alarm on the Acqua Timex watch?

Mangold spl/rst button (bottom right) and press st./stp button (top right). That should turn off the alarm clock and your screen should no longer have the alarm sign on it. Repeat to turn alarm back on.

How do you turn off the alarm on a bijoux terner watch?

press the b & d buttons

How do you turn off the alarm on a terner sports watch?

Hold down reset, then press start, the alarm bell symbol should dissappear.

How do you set the alarm for a body gear wr50m watch?

Press the MODE button twice. Use the ST./STOP button to change the hour. As you are changing the hour am and pm will also change (on my watch the am and pm is on the right side) Once you have the correct hour press the LAP/RESET button. To change the minutes you also press the ST./STOP button (you can only go up minutes not down) When the minutes are correct press the MODE button again which will bring you to the time ( if your alarm is on there will be a little bell over top of the seconds. to turn off the alarm press the ST./STOP button and the LAP/RESET button at the same time, this will turn the alarm on or off)

On a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee how do you disalarm using a key?

Put the key in the drivers door lock and turn it to unlock - it will turn alarm off while sounding OR will turn alarm off as well as unlock door - just watch the red alarm light flashing it will go out.

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