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computer technicions

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Q: What are people called that fix computer?
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What is the need for a computer technician?

Computer technicians are people who fix computer problems for people who don't know how. That is why we need them.

How do you put technician in a sentence?

I called the technician to fix my computer it had a virus.

How do you fix a motherboard from a computer?

someother people might know

How do you fix apphangb1 on your computer?

To fix the HangB1 on your computer, simply uninstal it from your computer.

What do you call a person who knows about the computer?

It depends on what they actually know about the computer. People who know how to repair them are called "computer technicians." People who know how to program them are called "computer programmers" or "software engineers." People who know how to design them are called "computer engineers."

What is the name of people who fix violins are called?


People who use the computer directly are called?

computer users

Where can someone find a computer part to fix their computer?

There are many places where someone an find a computer part to fix their computer. One can find a computer part to fix their computer at popular on the web sources such as eBay and Best Buy.

What computer book can i buy on how to fix computers?

There are a few good books you can that will tell how to fix a computer. You can buy the computer for dummies.

What are people who buy houses to fix and then sell them called?

It's called "House Flipping".

How do you fix a computer keyboard?

ok just fix it

How do you fix my sound problem?


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