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1. Computer aided design (CAD)

2. Computer aided engineering (CAE)

3. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM)

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Q: What are the examples of product engineering software?
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What is product in software engineering?

In the context of software engineering, Product includes any software manufactured based on the customer's request. This can be a problem solving software or computer based system. It can also be said that this is the result of a project.

What is a build of a software?

software engineering is brnch of study about the software product.

What is the difference between software engineering and software system engineering?

Software engineering is a branch to make software this is a continuous task while software system is a product which is make by the software engieering.

What are the work product of software engineering?


Fundamentals of software engineering?

Software engineering basically aims at producing software that are efficient . Fundamental of software engineering are that a technically and economically sound product should be produced.

What are the four p's of software engineering?

There four p's in software engineering. The four p's are people , product, process, project.

Examples of law of unintended consequences in software engineering?

what is the law of unintended consequences in software

What is customised products in software engineering?

These are the software product developed for a particular customer. Before 1980 mostly the software product were developed according to the requirement of the customer.

What is a baseline give two examples of baseline in software engineering?

i have no ans

How many advantage of software engieering?

Software engineering refers to the sound engineering principles that results in a technically and economically sound software product. Software engineering helps us to divide the work in different phases so it can easily done.

What is the main difference between software engineering and software manufacturing?

software engineering is the the management of different phases in SDLC to give a quality product. Software manufacturing refers to the whole process from scratch to end.

Comparison between software engineering and traditional engineering desciplines?

Software Engineering and Trditional (Conventional ) Engineering Deciplines Share the Pragmatic ( practical way ) approach to development and maintenance of technological artifacts. There are significant diffrences between s/w engineering and Trditional (Conventional ) Engineering. And these diffrences are fundamentally based on 1. Lack of physical laws for software 2. Lack of product visibility 3. obscurity in the interfaces between software modules. Software engineering product in Intangible means It has no mass It has no volume It has no color It has no odour It hs no visibility, and It has no physical properties and hence it is not the subject to the law of physics and electrodynamics. There is no physical design theory is applicable. Only logical interpretation is required. Obscurity in the interfaces between software module. So Software product not be degraded by passing time and the extraordinary measures must be taken to determine the status of the software product. Software engineering is actually minimize the intellectual diffrences between problem and solution and also trying to improve the visibility of the software product.

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