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because these days, the computer-jobs (i hope you know what i mean) are increasing and almost every jobs are related to computers (like making new programs ...)

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Q: Why it is essential to learn about computers today?
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Why do kids have to learn typing on a computer?

Kids have to learn typing on the computer because in schools of today kids have computers to learn stuff on. And typing is essential to using a computer.

Are computers an essential features for modern education?

Today era is the era of technology.computers is also the part of this technology.It provides lots of information and it is used in our daily play an major role in education.we can learn number of subjects with the computer . Many things we learn from computer.

5 sentences about you learn to use computers and use computers to learn?

1. You can use computers to learn new things.

Why do you have computers?

We have computers so we can learn and be moreintelligent We can learn a lot from computers, especially Wiki Answers!

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Andy Ashdown has written: 'Scanners and Printers (Essential Computers)' 'Installing software' -- subject(s): Computer software, Software maintenance 'Scanners and Printing (Essential Computers)' 'Installing Software (Essential Computers)' 'Fun and Games on Your PC (Essential Computers)'

Where all are computers used today?

How Are Computers Used Today?

What was education like for kids in 1940s?

Basic Education. Like what we learn today. Still tests, no computers, not different actually!

What is the difference of the computers of the past and the computers of today?

Well for one, the computers of the past were huge. And slow. Inversely, the computers of today are smaller and many times as powerful as early computers.

Where can one learn more on computers and the Internet?

There are several books and website's where you can learn more about computers and the internet. The best thing you can do is go to a library, and take one of the Computers for Dummy's books. They teach you every necessary thing you have to learn about computers.

Was there computers in 1824?

There were no computers as we know them today in 1824.

More differences between early computers and modern computers?

Early Computers were large in size while today computers are compacted .Early Computers were Vaccum tube and transistor based while today computers are ICs based.Early Computers were slow and today computers are fast.Early Computers were used punch card for storage while today computers used Secondry storage ( Hard Disk) for storage.Early Computers were not user friendly todays computers are user friendly

Why are computers made today?

So that people can go on wikianswers and find out why computers are made today

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