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they are cleaner and use less fossil fuels that coal fires power stations.

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Q: Advantages of gas fired power stations?
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Why is South Africa investing on gas-fired power stations?

South Africa is investing on gas-fired power stations because gas is a cheaper natural resource, it is efficient and does not produce a lot of pollution when it is burnt to generate electricity.

What are the advantages of burning oil products?

◊ Very large amounts of electricity can be generated in one place. ◊ Transporting oil and gas to the power stations is easy. ◊ Gas-fired power stations are very efficient. ◊ A fossil-fuelled power station can be built almost anywhere, so long as you can get large quantities of fuel to it. ◊ Cheap to transport ◊ Easy to obtain

What are the disadvantages of gas fired power stations?

Releases CO2 which pollutes the atmosphereIt's non-renewableCosts a lot to build

Why coal-fired power stations have been replaced by gas-fired ones?

Money and politics. Mostly its a joke - to make a real difference they need to be converted to geo-thermal.

Advantages of geothermal power stations?

costs less than gas or oil. doesnt pollute the air and its naturall

How the UK make electricity?

The majority of he UK's electricity is generated by coal or gas-fired power stations. We also use nuclear power, wind and wave generators.

How do Power stations make electricity?

They produce steam at high temperature and pressure which is fed into a steam turbine/generator set. The steam can be raised by fossil fuel (coal, oil, gas) or by nuclear energy. In Coal or oil-fired power stations, and in most gas-fired power stations, the burning fuel heats water in a boiler. this produces steam. the steam drives a turbine that turns an electricity generator. Coal, oil and gas are fossil fuels, which are fossil fuels obtained from long-dead biological material.

What are the kind of power plant?

Coal fired, Nuclear Power, Gas Fired, Hydro, Wind Power.

Why are waste gasses from coal-fired power stations passed through calcium carbonate?

In the main the gas released is Sulphur and Carbon monoxide and this is filtered out by the Calcium

What are the different kinds of power plants?

Coal fired, Nuclear Power, Gas Fired, Hydro, Wind Power.

What facilities does a gas fired power station require that a wood fired power station does not?

A secure pipeline or secure storage tanks to hold the gas.

What are disadvantages of of gas fired power station?


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