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Some rocks may contain crystals, but not all rocks contain crystals. Crystals can be found in rocks that have volcanic origin.

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Q: Do all rocks contain crystals
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Do rocks have crystals?

Yes. All rocks apart from natural glass contain crystals.

Rocks that contain crystals exhibit what texture?

What rocks contain crystals?

What types of rocks contain crystals?

all igneous rocks contain crystals just some you can't see some metamorphic rocks do also

Does gneiss have crystals?

Yes. All rocks other than glassy volcanic rocks contain crystals.

Do all rocks have crystals in it?

No. All rocks don't contain crystals, but I do know that they all contain crystals. I know because I'm doing Chemistry homework right now, and that it one of the questions. Hope this helps :)

Do all extrusive igneous rocks contain crystals?

No. Pure volcanic glasses contain no crystalline structure.

Why do some rocks have crystal?

Actually all rocks, except for some organic rocks and quickly cooled igneous rocks, contain crystals, it is just that in some rocks these crystals are too small to see.

Do metamorphic rocks contain crystals?

Metamorphic rocks are composed of mineral crystals of various shapes and sizes.

Do all rocks have crystals?

All rocks do not have crystals. This is common feature of igneous rocks . The crystals are seen by slicing the rock.

Do all rocks contain minerals and crystals?

Most rocks do but there are some exceptions. Coal (such as bituminous coal) is composed of organic material but is considered a sedimentary rock. Glassy rocks such as obsidian or pumice cool too quickly to contain crystals.

Do phaneritic igneous rocks contain viewable crystals?

By definition, yes. In contrast, aphanitic rocks do not have visible crystals.

Do metamorphic rocks contain lectures crystals?


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