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A piece of chalk has a hardness of one. A human fingernail has a hardness of and a penny has a hardness of 3.5.

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Q: Hardness of chalk
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What is the hardness of chalk?

On the Mohs Scale chalk has a hardness of 1

What is the hardness of chalk on the mohs hardness scale?

Chalk is actually a rock. The Mohs hardness scale is meant to measure a mineral's relative hardness in relation to other minerals. But chalk is comprised mainly of calcium carbonate, which is the mineral calcite. Calcite has a Mohs hardness of 3.

Why blackboard are not scratched by the chalk but by the sand embedded in the chalk?

This depends on the hardness of materials.

Explain why blackboards are not scratched by chalk but are scratched by the sand embedded in the chalk?

The hardness of sand is higher.

How hard is bedrock?

Bedrock could vary in hardness from chalk to granite.

Is bedrock hard?

Bedrock could vary in hardness from chalk to granite.

What is the hardness of cinnabar on the Mohs scale?

Wikipedia claims its Mohs hardness is somewhere between 2.0 and 2.5 - about as hard as chalk.

Is talc a common mineral?

Yes, talc is a mineral. In a Mohs Scale, its hardness is one, which is really soft. It also has white streaks. You can use it as chalk if you really want to ;)

Which rock is the hardest granite or chalk?

Chalk is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of Calcium Carbonate. Calcium carbonate is also the number one mineral at the Marble spec. Hardness of Chalk is around 3 Mohs. Granite stay at the number 7 at the Mohs scale and Granite is harder than Marble. Granite is mostly composed by feldspat (christal).

What is harder chalk or soap?

I think chalk

What is a word that goes before chalk?

colored chalk sidewalk chalk dustless chalk

Can a fingernail scratch some minerals?

Yes. But only soft ones such as talc (solid form of chalk and baby powder). Generally only minerals below 2 on the hardness scale.

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