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A low pressure center is a region of rising air. The rising air cools by isentropic expansion, which causes the water vapor to condense, forming clouds. The latent heat release from the condensing water vapor strengthens the vertical motion, lowering the surface pressure, drawing more moist air into the low, resulting in more condensation ... you get the picture. (Easier answer) Low pressure areas exist because air is rising, leaving less pressure behind. When it rises, it reaches its level of saturation. Water condenses, forming a cloud.

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Q: How do clouds form over a low pressure center?
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Do clouds form over high pressure?

Clouds are scarce at a high pressure center. This is because air is sinking , and is being compressed and heated as it sinks in areas of high pressure. Clouds tend to be thicker in low pressure systems.

Do clouds form over low pressure?

Yes they do

Do clouds form over water?

Not necessarily. Clouds form daily over both land and water.

Do clouds form over deserts?

Yes, under the proper conditions, clouds can and do form over deserts.

Why do clouds form over mountains?

the snow melts, it evaporates, and clouds form.

Why does clouds form over mountains?

the snow melts, it evaporates, and clouds form.

When does a warm from form?

When the clouds go over mountains

How do clouds usually form over the US?


What is a generic term for clouds that form as moist air is uplifted over mountains?

Orographic Clouds

When the pressure in hurricane gets lower or higher what does the wind do?

The lower the barometric pressure is in a hurricane, the stronger the wind will be. Hurricanes form over warm ocean water and the lower the pressure is, the more moisture that will be attracted from the water. This warm moisture rises up and forms into clouds and wind, so the more moisture is rising, the stronger the winds will be. If the barometric pressure is high, the moisture can't move up and form clouds and wind.

Why are clouds that form over water more efficient in producing precipitation rain than clouds that form over land?

Rainclouds form from water picked up from the earth's surface. If the clouds are over water, they obviously will pick up more moisture, and pick it up a lot easier, too.

Why do clouds form over hills?

Because Chuck Norris told them to

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