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The Silurian was 443 to 417 million years ago.

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Q: How long ago was the Silurian?
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What is the silurian period?

The Silurian is a geologic time period of the early Paleozoic. The Silurian was approximately 440 million years ago, to 416 million years ago. The Silurian was the period immediately after the Ordovician.

When did the silurian period start?

The Silurian Period started 443 million years ago and ended and 417 million years ago.

What dinosaurs were in the Silurian era?

The Silurian period spans from 443 to 419 million years ago. The earliest dinosaurs evolved 231 million years ago. That means there were no dinosaurs at all during the Silurian.

What are Ordovician Silurian periods Periods?

They are both time periods of the early Paleozoic. The Ordovician was approximately 490 million years ago, to 440 million years ago. The Silurian was approximately 440 million years ago, to 416 million years ago. The Silurian was the period immediately after the Ordovician. The two periods were divided by the second largest Mass extinction in history.

What and when was the silurian period?

It was a geological period about 444 million years ago. also see Ordovician-Silurian extinction events. see Related Link below

How many years the Silurian Period lasted?

The Silurian period was between 443.7 - 416 million years ago, which means that it lasted around 27.7 million years.

When did woody material in plants evolve?

In the Silurian Period, roughly 420-440 million years ago.

During what period did the insects first appear?

Silurian Period 408 - 438 Million Years Ago

What kind of examples of plants and animals in silurian period?

The Silurian period occurred from 443 million years ago until 416 million years ago. It saw the emergence of animals such as coral and fish that began quickly populating the oceans, and plants like the fern first appeared on the planet.

What are silurian plants?

Silurian plants were plants that lived about 443.7-416.0 million years ago. This was the first time period which had an extensive terrestrial biota in the fossil record. Moss forests along lakes and streams were fairly common.

When did plants first colonize land?

In the paleozoic, more specifically the Silurian period. Liverworts had evolved by 472 million years ago, putting the very earliest land plants closer to the end of the Ordovician than at the beginning of the Silurian.

Which period was about 400 million years ago?

That was the beginning of the Devonian peroid and the end of the Silurian period. It was that period when the first insects came to Earth.

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