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Earth has 75% of water

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Q: How much water does earth contain?
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Related questions

Why does earth contain so much water versus other planets?

As yet we are not certain as to the origins of Earth's water.

How much of the worlds water does Antarctica contain?

Antarctica's ice sheet contains about 70% of the earth's fresh water.

What does the hydrosphere contain?

The water and water vapor on Earth

How much water does the Antarctic Ice Sheet contain?

The Antarctic ice sheet holds about 70% of the earth's store of fresh water and about 90% of the earth's store of ice.

How many planets contain as much water as earth?

none that we officially know of but a ton of em actually

The oceans contain what percentage of the water on earth?

I think the percentage of the water on earth is 97%.

How much of the water on earth can you use?

Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface; the oceans contain 97.2% of the Earth's water. :) Approximately 2.59% of water on Earth's surface is fresh water, and of this percentage, 70% of it is trapped in ice caps. This leaves less than 1% of the water of Earth suitable for use.

How much of the earth is land and how much is ocean?

Earth is covered by roughly 70-71% water and 29-30% land. The oceans contain roughly 97% of earths water and the other 3% is in the atmosphere.

How many gallons of water does the earth contain?

The earth's oceans contain roughly 3.6 x 10^8 km^3 of water.

How much water does a pineapple contain?

a pineapple contain 86.1% of water

How much of the worlds ice does Antarctica contain or have?

It contains 90% of the World's ice and 70% of Earth's Fresh Water.

Where is the most water found in earth?

The oceans contain the most water.

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