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Bronze is a good conductor of heat. It is considered to conduct heat and electricity in a much better way when compared to steel.

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Q: Is bronze a good conductor
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Is bronze a conductor or insulator?

It is a conductor. Alloys like bronze are generally not as good at conducting electricity as pure metals.

Is bronze a good insulator of electricity?

No it is not an insulator. Bronze is actually a rather good conductor of electricity.

What is the metal that is a good conductor of electricity and two of its alloys are brass and bronze?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Copper is a very good conductor of electricity.

Is Bronze a good conductor of electricity?

Bronze conducts electricity through it. However, its conduction rate is not as good as that of silver, gold or aluminum.

Is bronze a conductor of electricity?

Sure. All metals - and metal alloys, such as bronze - are fairly good conductors of electricity.

Can bronze conduct heat well?

Yes, bronze is a good conductor of heat due to its high copper content.

What are the physical properties of copper?

Bronze colored, Malleable, Ducktile, Good conductor of heat, and electricity

Is bronze a conductor of heat?

Bronze is a metal. All metals conduct heat.

Why is bronze a conductor of heat?

Bronze is a metal. All metals conduct heat.

What are some physical properties of copper?

bronze colored, malleable, ductile, good conductor of heat and electricity,

Is cotton wool a conductor of electricity or an insulator?

Cotton wool is not a conductor or an insulator it is a semi conductor. It is sort of in the middle, electrons can travel through cotton wool but not as good as silver, bronze, metal and so on.

Why is bronze important today?

Bronze is very important in the act of wiring electronics and other things involving electricity. Its a very good conductor, and 3rd place people need something.

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