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Cumulus clouds are the common clouds that look like puffy balls of cotton, and may be well-defined within open sky. In unstable air, they can become very tall and may lead to the formation of thunderclouds (cumulonimbus).

A cumulus cloud is one of the three basic cloud forms (the others are cirrus and stratus). It is also one of the two low cloud types, a cloud that develops in a vertical direction from the base (bottom) up. It has a flat base and dome- or cauliflower-shaped upper surfaces. The base of the cloud is often no more than 3,000 feet above the ground, but the top often varies in height. Small, separate cumulus are associated with fair weather (cumulus humilis). With additional heating from the earth's surface, clouds can grow vertically throughout the day. The top of such a cloud can easily reach 20,000 feet or more into the troposphere. Under certain atmospheric conditions, these clouds can develop into larger clouds, known as towering cumulus (cumulus congestus), and may produce a rain shower. Further development may create a cumulonimbus, or thunderstorm cloud.

Cumulus clouds are formed by convection and are generally found between 3000-7000 feet in the summer, but as low as 700 feet in the winter. They consist of of water droplets which are cooled but above the freezing level.

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Q: What are cumulus clouds?
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What is higher stratus clouds or cumulus clouds?

cumulus clouds

How can you idnify cumulus clouds?

Cumulus clouds are the pig puffy white clouds.

Which clouds is closer to the earth cirrus or cumulus?

The closest clouds is cumulus clouds

What is the altitude of cumulus clouds?

Cumulus clouds are an altitude of... answer is on

When can you expect cumulus clouds?

1) Cumulus clouds are vertically developed clouds. 2) Cumulus clouds have a flat base, which is the location of the lifting condensation level. 3) Cumulus clouds can develop into cumulonimbus clouds. 4) Cumulus clouds have a lifetime of less than an hour.

Are cumulus clouds storms clouds?

No. Cumulus clouds are fair-weather clouds most of the time. Storm clouds are cumulonimbus.

Cumulus clouds are what type of cloud?

Cumulus clouds form when warm air rises, expands, and cools. Cumulus clouds are masses of puffy white clouds that usually have thunderstorms following them. Cumulus clouds are one of the 3 types of main clouds. The 3 main types of clouds are stratus, cumulus, and cirrus.

What weather does cumulus clouds have?

cumulus clouds contain good weather or rain

Does cumulus clouds have flat bottoms?

Yes, Cumulus clouds have flat bottoms.

Where do cumulus clouds form?

Cumulus clouds form below 6,000 ft.

What type of weather is found on cumulus?

Depends which type of cumulus.... cumulonimbus is thunderstorm clouds, regular cumulus clouds are the white puffy clouds that have no precipitation

Where are the CUMULUS clouds usually found?

Cumulus clouds are usually found in low areas.

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