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It dissolves.

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Q: What happens when you add potassium permanganate to water?
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What happens when you add potassium permanganate to a toluene water solution?

AnswerWhat occurs is that a Benzoic acid solution is formed, which soon takes a white solid crystalline structure.

What happen if the potassium permanganate solution drop to the water and add of concentrated sulfuric acid?

It will change colour and become purple

What happens to potassium when you add water to it?

it explodes. largely. youtube it. it's cool

Potassium permanganate is a deep purple solution so what happens when you add sodium hydroxide and pouring it on a large filter paper?

the purple color changes to a deep green color and then brown (these are the colors you will see on your filter paper)

What is the test for unsaturation?

Add KMnO4 (Potassium Permanganate) which is a purple solution. If it is added to an alkene or alkyne it will turn colourless and produces a brown precipitate.

What happens when you add potassium carbonate to cobalt chloride?

you get the right answer on webassign

How do you dissolve potassium chloride?

Just add water.

What acid would you add to potassium hydroxide to make potassium chloride and water?

Hydrochloric Acid

What is aqueous potassium nitrate?

Just potassium nitrate in water. Aqueous stands for anything with water, so if you take dry potassium nitrate and add some water to it until it dissolves, you have made an aqueous solution of potassium nitrate.

What happens when you add potassium hydroxide to hydrochloric acid?

KOH + HCl --> KCl + H20

How do you prepare 40 percent of potassium sodium tartrate?

add 40g of potassium sodium tartrate to 100ml of water

What product will you get if you add water in potassium nitrate?

Since all nitrates are soluble in water, you would get a mixture of Potassium ions and Nitrate ions floating around in water.

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