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(COOH)2 + CaCl2 + 2NH4OH ----> CaC2CO4 + 2NH4Cl + 2H2O

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Q: What is balance equation for the reaction of ammonium hydroxide with oxalic acid?
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What is the balance equation for nitric acid ammonium hydroxide?

A reaction is not possible.

What is the balance for NH4OH plus AlCl3?

The correct stoichiometric equation for the reaction of ammonium hydroxide and aluminum chloride is this. AlCl3 + 3 NH4OH equals 3 NH4Cl + Al(OH)3.

What is the balanced equations of lead nitrate and ammonium hydroxide?

No balance

Balance chemical equation for reaction of sodium hydroxide and sulfur dioxide?

2 NaOH + SO2 = H2O + Na2SO3

What is the balance equation for chemical reaction of aluminium with sodium hydroxide?

Normal word equation: Aluminium (s) + sodium hydroxide (?) ----> aluminum hydroxide (aq) + sodium (s) Normal equation: Al + NaOH -----> AlOH + Na Balanced equation: Al + NaOH ------> AlOH + Na

What is the balance equation for the reaction Hydrobromic Acid plus Magnesium Hydroxide?

This equation is 2 HBr + Mg(OH)2 => MgBr2 + 2 H2O.

What is the balance equation for sulfurous acid and aqueous sodium hydroxide?

The reaction is:H2SO3 + 2 NaOH = Na2SO3 + 2 H2O

When ammonium nitrate decomposes into nitrogen gas and water what is the coefficient that had to be placed i front of the ammonium nitrite to balance the equation?

The reaction is:2 NH4NO3 = 2 N2 + O2 + 4 H2O

What does a balance equation ammonium phoshate plus barium hydroxide look like?

2(NH4)3PO4 + 3Ba(OH)2 --> 6NH4OH + Ba3(PO4)2

What is the balanced chemical equation for sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid?

balance equation of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid

How do you balance this equation naoh cuso4--- na2so4 cu oh2?

The reaction of sodium hydroxide with copper sulfate produces sodium sulfate and copper hydroxide. The reaction is balanced as NaOH + CuSO4 = Cu(OH)2 + Na2SO4.

What is the balance of the equation of the reaction between manganese acetate and sodium hydroxide?

Mn(CH3COO)2 + 2NaOH ----> Mn(OH)2 + 2CH3COONa

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