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Electromagnetic induction is the process of inducing electric current in a coil with the help of a magnet.

Whenever a conductor is moved through a magnetic field, or the magnetic field fluctuates in strength (as with an AC electromagnet), a current will be induced in that conductor. Induction cooktops work by passing a large AC current through a conductor under the cooktop, creating a fluctuating magnetic field which induces an electric current through the cookware - heating the cookware by electrical resistance.

The process by which a substance, such as iron or steel, becomes magnetized by a magnetic field. The induced magnetism is produced by the force of the field radiating from the poles of a magnet.


Further to the original answer, it is a voltage that is induced into a conductor, NOT a current.

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Q: What is magnetic induction?
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What will happen to the world if there is no magnetic induction?

if there is no magnetic induction there will be no electricity

What is the difference between electromagnetic induction and magnetic induction?

Magnetic induction and electromagnetic induction are used pretty much interchangably. Magnetic induction is really electromagnetic induction. One of the four fundamental forces in the universe is the electromagnetic force. Not the electrical force or the magnetic force, but the electromagnetic force. And magnetic induction is just another term for electromagnetic induction.

What is the difference between magnetic induction and magnetic field?

actually magnetic field is the region around magnet and magnetic induction is the process of using magnetic field to produce current , voltage etc'magnetic induction is basically force per unit length and current. from [fatima ]

How does induction motor start?

induction motor start by magnetic motor

Magnetic induction unit?


What are the characteristics of induction?

Induction, which refers to induced voltage is related to magnetic field and area. Change of magnetic flux inside a wire loop caused a voltage to be induced or induction. A change in magnetic field or area changes the value of induction. Induction can also be considered a function of the current change rate.

What is necessary for induction?

For electromagnetic induction, you need a conductor moving in a magnetic field.

What is magentic induction and an example of magnetic induction?

The magnetic flux density at any point my be defined as the number of linese of magnetic induction passing through a unit area held a right angle to the lines at the point and is represented by the vectore

Why does an iron core increase the magnetic induction ofa coil of wire?

the magnetic domains that become aligned in the iron core contribute to the overall magnetic field of the coil and therefore increase its magnetic induction.

What is a unit of magnetic induction?

Tesla (T).

SI unit of magnetic-induction?


Electromagnetic induction occurs when?

a conductor is moved through a magnetic field a conductor is moved through a magnetic field

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