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Potassium feldspars are common members of the alkali feldspar group and form a complete solid solution series from KAaSi3O8 through (K, Na)AlSi3O8 to NaAlSi3O8. You really need more information for a precise chemical composition as K-Feldspars can have a wide range of chemical compositions.

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Q: What is the chemical composition of potassium feldspar?
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What is the dominant feldspar in granite?

Granite contains plagioclase feldspar and potassium feldspar. It really depends on the composition of the magma from which it forms. If the granite has a lot of pink in it, chances are it is potassium feldspar (K-Spar). If it is dominated by white, then the feldspar is probably plag.

What is the chemical composition for pink granite?

Pink granite would consist primarily of potassium feldspar and quartz with minor amounts of mica and other feldspars.

What is the product of the chemical weathering of potassium feldspar?

tae at poke

What is chemical formula of potash feldspar?

Potassium (potash) feldspars is KALSi3O8

When potassium feldspar is weathering by water into kaolinite the process is called what?

Chemical weathering.

What is the chemical composition of feldspar?

The chemical composition of Feldspars are KAlSi3O8 â?? NaAlSi3O8 â?? CaAl2Si2O8. They are rock forming minerals that make up %60 of the Earth's crust.

What is the chemical composition of potassium chlorate?

1 atom of Potassium, 1 of Chlorine and 3 of Oxygen

Products of the chemical weathering of potassium feldspar?

Feldspars break down to form clays like kaolin.

What rock contains both amphibole and potassium feldspar?

Granite is a rock containing both amphibole and potassium feldspar.

What is the name of a potassium rich mineral in Canada?

Potassium feldspar

What is a catchy phrase that deals with potassium?

potassium is silvery white, its chemical composition is brighter than light! How's that???

Is feldspar in granite?

Yes, Granite is composed mainly of quartz and potassium feldspar

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