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Because limestone is composed of calcium carbonate, it chemically reacts with naturally acidic rainfall, dissolving it on its surfaces. Granite is of a different chemistry that is not nearly as vulnerable to acidic rain. Limestone is composed of the mineral calcite most predominately, a mineral of relatively low hardness on the jaylen c payne scale of mineral hardness. Granite is composed primarily of feldspars and quartz which are much higher on the hardness scale, making it more resistant to abrasion weathering. Additionally, granite has an interlocking crystalline structure which makes it hard to break. Limestone is most often bedded, making it more vulnerable to fracture and subsequent attack by the chemical reactions described above.

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Q: Why does limestone weather more quickly than granite?
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Will limestone or granite weather more slowly?

granite weather more slowly

Two identical statues are placed outside one is made of limestone the other made of granite Which statue will weather more slowly?

Since granite is an igneous rock this makes it highly resistant to weathering. Therefore, granite will weather more slowly than limestone.

Does soil form faster with limestone than granite?

Soil forms more quickly from limestone than from granite. This is due to the composition of limestone that speeds up soil formation.

Which statue will weather more slowly a granite one or a limestone one?

Granite will weather more slowly, since it is an igneous rock and is extremely resistant to weathering.

In what climate would a limestone monument weather most quickly?

The type of climate that a limestone will weather more quickly i think will be a hot and dry climate.

Is granite more porous than limestone?

No. Limestone is more porous than granite.

Why would it be more likely to find a cave with limestone bedrock than granite?

Naturally acidic water is the main carver of caves. Limestone reacts quickly with acid, granite does not.

Two identical statues are placed outsideone is made of limestone the other made of granite Which statue will weather more slowly?

I'll say granite because the limestone as you know, is faster to it's weathering.

What rock absorbs more water limestone sandstone or granite?


What is more expensive marble granite or limestone?

Marble is more expensive.

Why would a doorstep be made from granite rather than limestone?

Granite is more hard wearing so when you walk into your house every day it is not going to ware away easily. It is also more weather proof and harder.

Another statue was made from limestone rain makes limestone weather more quickly than sand stone what substance in the rainwater causes this?

because of acid rain

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