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It comes from the latin word carbo, coal. Because coal is made mostly of carbon.(:

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Q: Why is carbon called carbon?
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Carbon 12 and carbon 14 are called what of carbon?


Carbon is called the basis of life?


What is a 5 carbon carbohydrate called?

A 5 carbon carbohydrate is called a pentose.

Chemical compounds that do not contain carbon?

Compounds that do not contain carbon are called inorganic compounds.Water for example is called and inorganic compound.Compounds that do carbon in it is called organic compound.

Could carbon be called carbon dioxide?

No. Carbon dioxide contains oxygen as well as carbon.

Can carbon atoms join with oxygen to make a gas called carbon trioxide?

Carbon atoms join with oxygen to make a gas called carbon trioxide.

What is a compound containing carbon called?

carbon-dioxide (carbon+oxygen) CO

What is carbon reduction?

the process of carbon reduction is called carbon reduction process

What is the difference between medium carbon steel and low carbon steel?

The amount of carbon in iron metal determines the strength and type of steel.Steel with low carbon is called low carbon steel and carbon with medium carbon called medium carbon steel. It is called low carbon steel if the carbon content is around 2.5 % or less. Others may be called medium or high carbon steel like that used in Die Steel of cutting tools. Generally low carbon steel are preferred if welding is adopted.

Compounds made from hydrogen and carbon are called?

compounds containing hydrogen and carbon are called hydrocarbons.

What is solid Carbon di oxide called?

Solid Carbon dioxide is called dry ice.

Different types of carbon atoms are called?

The different types of carbon atoms are called isotopes.

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