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The area was poverty stricken.

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Q: A sentence including the word poverty?
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How do you use the word poverty in a sentence?

You come from a country in extreme poverty!

Could you please form a new word by adding a prefix to the word poverty?

Impoverished means the state of having been put in poverty.

What is the number of people in America at the poverty level?

35.9 million people live below the poverty line in America, including 12.9 million children.

What are the possible antonyms of the word 'poverty'?

abundance, wealth, luxury, affluence, richness

What is the definition of poverty?

The English word 'poverty' means the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessionsThere is no common definition for poverty that is accepted by all countries and organisations. Generally poverty refers to material deprivation and the state of being deficient in means of subsistence. What is more useful in defining poverty is to look at different measurements of poverty which is used. For example, the United Nations use the Human Poverty Index to rate the poverty of a country. There is also the Multidimensional Poverty Index used by the World Bank. Another measurement or index used is the Human Development Index, as well as the Human Deprivation Index. To complicate this further some measurements also focus on one aspect or group, like the Gender Poverty Index, the Gender Development Index or the Water Poverty Index. All of this shows that defining poverty is extremely complex as there is still no agreement on what poverty is exactly.There are no distinctions such as "child" proverty - "adult' poverty - "elder" poverty - etc. Poverty is poverty.Poverty is the state of being poor.

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