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Adam Smith

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Q: Who described capitalism in his book The Wealth of Nations?
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Why is Adam smith called the father of capitalism?

Adam Smith is called the father of capitalism because of his book 'Wealth of Nations'. In this book, he described laissez faire economics.

What is classical capitalism?

Classical capitalism is defined by the book "The Wealth Of Nations" by Adam Smith.

The free-market system of capitalism was defended in the book The Wealth of Nations by whom?

Adam Smith wrote the book called the wealth of nations

What economic system was described in the book wealth of the nations?


Who defended the free-market system of capitalism in the book the wealth of nations?

Adam Smith

Who was Adam simth in the enlightenment?

Adam Smith's book "A Wealth of Nations" set the stage for the rise and spread of capitalism in the 20th century.

Who wrote the book called wealth of nations?

The Wealth of Nations was written by Adam Smith.

What is the Wealth of Nations?

A book by Adam Smith.

Who is a philosopher of capitalism?

Arguably, Adam Smith is a philosopher and economist who wrote the book Wealth of Nations that expounds on the earlier forms of Capitalism. John Stuart Mill is another philosopher who supported the free-market. W.V. Quine is not a philosopher of capitalism but he personally favored fiscal conservatism.

Who are the important people of capitalism?

Adam Smith best known as the "farther of modern capitalism". In 1776 the book (Wealth of Nations) was published. To be considered the first great work in political economics. Adam Smith was born in 1723 and died in 1790.

Who wrote the book the wealthy of nations?

Adam Smith was the author of "Wealth of Nations"

What book did Adam smith write?

Wealth of Nations

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